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Vibrating Walls

I woke up very early this morning to the sound of jackhammers pounding in to the pavement in front of the apartment.

At least, that is what I thought I work up to. Would I have been so lucky. Instead, just as it happens in that scary story about the babysitter, the sound was coming from inside the house. Our water pipe in the bathroom wall, to be specific. Apparently, the hot water had built up–pressure like a geyser-overflowed its boundaries, and caused the plumbing to go haywire.

While I was a work, a pro came to assess the situation. Drained the pool of water in the pipe. Called it a day.

Well guess what. By the time I got home it sounded like we had little children playing pattycake on the inside of our walls. Another call to the landlady, and another call in to the pipe guy. In the meantime, I’ll be brushing my teeth in a bucket. Wish me luck.