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On Disagreement

I usually don’t fight. I disagree. I bring rational thoughts to the table that I’ve slowly constructed over hours, days, sometimes weeks. I arrive ready to listen, prepared to hear all the reasons I am not entirely right. I come knowing I will conceed. When I’m disagreeing with the right person, this approach is pretty productive. We talk, we listen, we hopefully reach a compromise.

But reason never captures attention the way you can by breaking a glass. Actually fighting once in a while–where things are personal, where it’s all out on the table, where you defend your point even if it means a night with no sleep or a sleep on the couch or a dramatic door slamming exit–can be good too. It may feel bad in the moment, like your stomach is filled with marbles, like your throat is stuffed with cotton balls. But after you come away knowing you can stand up for yourself. You will be OK.

Then comes the time to reason.



Duty Calls

Quick post before I run out the door to attend to my important responsibilities as the girlfriend of a man in a band. At the entry level, this position entails going to shows, and dancing if it is appropriate. (In the case of Little,Big, dancing is always appropriate. However, if you are with someone who lets loose on an acoustic guitar, this may not be an expectation for you.) As you advance through the ranks, the expectations pile up: bring friends! (Coordinator level), take photos! (Creative Director level), sell merch! (Assistant Director level). Ladies and gentleman, tonight I have been promoted to Director, as I am in charge of all of the above. While the position is unpaid, the perks are pretty great. I must be on my way though. My boss is pretty strict, and I wouldn’t want to disappoint him.