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In which dreams imitate life

My husband, some friends and I were trapped in a house. There was no exit. It was a game, but we didn’t know the rules. We couldn’t leave until someone won. We spent days, weeks, months going through motions, going from friends to increasingly agitated individuals to near-enemies. Alliances formed. Drama everywhere. It was Big Brother without an audience, and the only prize would be to someday leave the house but keep going, taking with us whatever lessons we’d learned. The fights escalated until my friend punched his wife in the nose. A swollen nose was how you won the game. She was thrilled. /Dream


Made it

4 entries to go before the end of NoBloPoMo and today was this first time I nearly forgot to write at all. Meant to do it this morning and got distracted by other avenues of the Internet. Thought about it this afternoon and ended up cleaning out the fridge instead. And now I’m out for the night–at a friend’s house meeting their new puppy Bruce Wayne, and then most likely going to a show tonight. Luckily, the Internet is everywhere, so I’m posting from my friend’s as Bruce Wayne, who runs like a bunny rabbit with long puppy legs, plays with toys all around me. We got him something made out of tennis balls and shaped like a jack, and it seems to be a new favorite of his.

It was awesome to wake up this morning thinking it was Sunday, only to remember that it is Saturday. 4.5 day weekend was just what I needed. Just under a month until I am off for another week, visiting the Ohio family for Christmas.

Anyway, this may be a little bit of a lame check in, but I’ve made it this far and dammit, I’m determined to finish. And now… back to puppy time.

Tonight is a tired night after a 9 hour day followed by yoga followed by stir-fry making followed by shower. I almost forgot to write altogether. Luckily, I had a tab open on my laptop that reminded me.

The screen is definitely dying on my laptop. I just got an unexpected flashing light show. Hold on little guy!

Good luck to all travelers tomorrow. I hope you get home safe for the feast, and are subject to minimal hassles along the way.

I’m gonna be holding down the holiday in Brooklyn this year, and baking pot-luck pecan pie tomorrow night. Psyched.


For those of you keeping track, this post BARELY made it in time. I wrote it around 11, settled into solo internet surfing, and at 11:52 realized that it hadn’t posted. Apparently, instead of “Publish” I hit “Preview.” Luckily, I caught it just int time. I think I would have cried if I was eliminated from NaBloPoMo on a technical error. PHEW.

Weekend… At Last

This week took forever. One of those weeks where Monday felt like Friday, as did every subsequent day. By the time I made it to yesterday I felt I deserved at least 2 paychecks. Sigh. Of. Relief.

This weekend is going to be a quiet one. Got a lot done around the house today, and am spending the early evening watching episodes of Mad Men and working on X-mas knitting. Tonight I was invited to meet friends in 2 different bars, both of which happen to be less than 3 blocks from my new apartment. Apparently, my new neighborhood is up-and-coming enough to still have cheap (by NY standards) drinks. This works out especially well since the F/G trains aren’t running this weekend, and they provide my usual weekend transit (although, that’s changing now that the R train is near).

Speaking of up-and-coming though, rumor has it that Cleveland may be the new New York. At least, as far as being an artist goes. I can neither confirm nor deny this. What I can say is that living here, even with a full time-full benefits job, still leaves me and most of my highly educated friends living paycheck to paycheck. And that, to me, makes cities in the sweet heartland where you can buy full houses for 1/5 the price of a Manhattan studio sound just a tad more appealing.

It was almost #666…

I posted my very first comment to the New York Times today in response to new TSA airport security procedures.  Apparently, security which gives you the option to subject yourself to low-dose radiation or submit to public groping has pushed the public over the edge, and prompting 847 reader comments (I’m lucky # 665).

National Opt-Out Day this Wednesday will be a telling sign of where things are headed. First, let me say I love the idea. I especially love that it seems to have come from one, fed up guy proposing it over the internet. But I have real concerns it’s going to have the effect many of us are hoping for.

Put yourself in that security line. It’s loud. It’s long. You’re gripping your boarding pass and ID while trying at the same time to take off your belt and shoes, stuff your wallet and coat in one bin and your laptop in the next, put your toothpaste in a separate baggie and not loose any of it, all the while looking at your watch, knowing you have somewhere to be. This, mind you, is a best-case scanario, and doesn’t factor in the countless people traveling with kids, or wheelchairs, or prescription medication…

You are going to want out of that situation. You have big plans for a big meal that you do not want to miss. At this point, all intentions aside, I think a lot of people will just submit to the scan so they can keep going.

I certainly don’t blame anyone for making that decision, and honestly question my own resolve in a situation like this. Even if the opting out goes on according to plan in the morning, cascading delays may quickly make people think twice. We are talking about a 2-minute TSA inconvenience vs. a ruined holiday for a lot of folks, should they miss their flight.

Anyway, strength and courage to all T-day travelers who want to opt out. May this story from Gizmodo help you keep your resolve.

I’ll be right behind you at Christmas.


On Disagreement

I usually don’t fight. I disagree. I bring rational thoughts to the table that I’ve slowly constructed over hours, days, sometimes weeks. I arrive ready to listen, prepared to hear all the reasons I am not entirely right. I come knowing I will conceed. When I’m disagreeing with the right person, this approach is pretty productive. We talk, we listen, we hopefully reach a compromise.

But reason never captures attention the way you can by breaking a glass. Actually fighting once in a while–where things are personal, where it’s all out on the table, where you defend your point even if it means a night with no sleep or a sleep on the couch or a dramatic door slamming exit–can be good too. It may feel bad in the moment, like your stomach is filled with marbles, like your throat is stuffed with cotton balls. But after you come away knowing you can stand up for yourself. You will be OK.

Then comes the time to reason.


Empanada Mamas!

Tonight: pretended it was Friday. Met two friends after work for empanadas in remembrance of Rincon. Pork + beef + spicy chicken + pint glasses of margaritas heavy on the tequila. All followed by drinks in a NYC bar with Ohio prices ($7 pitchers!)

I’m home now, barely remembering to write but pushing on with a purpose. I know I promised last night that tonight would be better but that was when I thought I was just getting dinner. Who knew what would follow? World, how was your Wednesday? Mine was filled with too much work and way way too much fun.