Thirty Days

You know the rhyme:

30 days has September, April, June and November…

(I still use that one more than I care to admit.)

Here we are. Day 30.

I expected NaBloPoMo to be more difficult than it actually was. Yes, it took some organization and there were a few nights I went out later or came home earlier than perhaps I would have liked, but I managed. The act of writing every day isn’t so difficult when you tell yourself you have to do it and are beholden to a group doing the same thing you are.

It forced me to relax my assumptions a little bit about whether what I’m writing is good enough, or is something people will actually want to read. I’m not sure whether my concern was too many people seeing my writing, or not enough people wanting to read what I have to say, but getting past that and just doing it has been so good for me.

I didn’t attract a miraculous fan base. In fact, the most views I had on a single given day was 20. My most loyal readers (or at least, commenters) are my boyfriend who I see every day and my very good friend in Denmark who I see almost never. And that feels perfect. I like that this is a venue that the people closest to me, whether they sit next to me as I type or read my words 8 hours ahead of me on the other side of the world, can use to check in every now and then on my thoughts. Even when you’re there for all the action, it’s interesting to hear what people choose to tell or not tell. Thanks Chuck and John for  keeping me honest.

And while my closest friends were my most loyal fans, I did get a comment or two from other NaBloPoMo folks who stumbled across this little blog. It’s nice to know that I did reach a few new people, and to feel supported by other people having the same experience.

I don’t know what comes next for my writing. If I could spend as long as I do writing these entries on editing and polishing some of my older work, I might have some real stuff to work with. But then I remember–this is the real stuff. This is my life. Wherever it goes next will be wonderful.

  1. Yay! You did it!!

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