El Gato del Muerto

Despite paying assiduous attention to this comic, I was totally unprepared for Sam to try to kill me last night. Sure, he digs away in his box, sprints out of the room all the time, loves to sleep on keyboards, and wakes me up by pawing my face almost every day, still I remained in denial about his true intentions.

He made his sinister plot known last night though. I was up on my trusty step ladder, trying to reach the top kitchen shelf. As I went to step down–without looking, of course–I stepped onto the back of the cat, who thought standing in the one square foot space behind my step stool was a good use of his time. I figured out what was going on in mid-step, tried to shift my weight, and ended up hitting the ground hard but on my feet. My arm was less lucky, slamming in to the corner of the countertop and developing an ample little black and blue mountain this morning.

Of course, it could have been much worse. The cat got away with nary a scratch, but I fear this may have been one of those test plots where he checks to see where the bugs in the plan are.

I’ll be sleeping with one eye open.

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