Made it

4 entries to go before the end of NoBloPoMo and today was this first time I nearly forgot to write at all. Meant to do it this morning and got distracted by other avenues of the Internet. Thought about it this afternoon and ended up cleaning out the fridge instead. And now I’m out for the night–at a friend’s house meeting their new puppy Bruce Wayne, and then most likely going to a show tonight. Luckily, the Internet is everywhere, so I’m posting from my friend’s as Bruce Wayne, who runs like a bunny rabbit with long puppy legs, plays with toys all around me. We got him something made out of tennis balls and shaped like a jack, and it seems to be a new favorite of his.

It was awesome to wake up this morning thinking it was Sunday, only to remember that it is Saturday. 4.5 day weekend was just what I needed. Just under a month until I am off for another week, visiting the Ohio family for Christmas.

Anyway, this may be a little bit of a lame check in, but I’ve made it this far and dammit, I’m determined to finish. And now… back to puppy time.

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