Black Friday in Soho

Yes, I’m the crazy person who went there. I was planning to do a little work from home this morning, and when I opened my computer, I got a light show like I had never experienced. Picture fireworks on the screen. I couldn’t do anything. After about 10 futile minutes of opening and closing my laptop, I borrowed C’s and made a Genius Bar appointment.

I dreaded this appointment for 2 reasons:

1) It’s Black F-ing Friday in Soho

2) Last time I was having trouble with my screen, I took it in, and while they couldn’t replicate the problem, I was kindly informed that it would be $310 to fix if it was what it sounded like. ‘Tis not the season for me to have an extra $300 lying around.

Though the Prince Street station was literally overflowing with people, and Broadway was clogged with tourists and barely crossable, we waited almost no time to meet our assigned Genius once we got in to the store. He kindly informed me that, yes, it is the screen, and yes, it would be $310. Then he left me to stew while he went to see if there was a “quick fix” he could perform.

There wasn’t.

However, he said, since we’d already paid to fix this problem once this year (the same thing happened last spring before I bought the Mac from C) and I kept the laptop in stellar condition, APPLE WOULD COVER THE COST OF REPAIR.

Happy Thanksgiving to me!

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