Weekend… At Last

This week took forever. One of those weeks where Monday felt like Friday, as did every subsequent day. By the time I made it to yesterday I felt I deserved at least 2 paychecks. Sigh. Of. Relief.

This weekend is going to be a quiet one. Got a lot done around the house today, and am spending the early evening watching episodes of Mad Men and working on X-mas knitting. Tonight I was invited to meet friends in 2 different bars, both of which happen to be less than 3 blocks from my new apartment. Apparently, my new neighborhood is up-and-coming enough to still have cheap (by NY standards) drinks. This works out especially well since the F/G trains aren’t running this weekend, and they provide my usual weekend transit (although, that’s changing now that the R train is near).

Speaking of up-and-coming though, rumor has it that Cleveland may be the new New York. At least, as far as being an artist goes. I can neither confirm nor deny this. What I can say is that living here, even with a full time-full benefits job, still leaves me and most of my highly educated friends living paycheck to paycheck. And that, to me, makes cities in the sweet heartland where you can buy full houses for 1/5 the price of a Manhattan studio sound just a tad more appealing.

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