November, the month most famous for its cold rain has actually been both mild and lovely this year. (I suppose it is also famous for its turkey, but I haven’t yet seen a music video for turkey that really kicks ass.) I’m proud to say that while I’ve spent a fair amount of time squeezing in final fall bike rides and otherwise soaking up the sun, I’ve also managed to stick to my once-a-day blogging regime. So far, it hasn’t been terribly painful either, although not owning one of those fancy mobile phones means I have to do a little bit of planning to ensure I build the time in every day. The ritual of it is nice though, and normally I’m happy not to be squeezing in a blog entry between my appetizer and main course at a restaurant.

Being low on funds the last 15 days has helped a lot too. Fewer nights out=more time on couch=more time to write. Still, I feel this is time I had before and just wasn’t using. It’s nice to see that I can commit to a regular writing schedule, at least for 2 weeks.

Also, remember the other night when I was in charge of band photos? They came out great. Check them out here.

  1. Really, really dig the photos! You can always tell they’re good when the singer changes her Facebook profile picture.

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