Netflix Magic

I accidentally mailed back Shutter Island before watching it instead of The Office like I was supposed to. It was one of those early morning, half awake things where I knew I needed a movie and grabbed the first thing I saw on the shelf without reading it first. I didn’t realize my mistake until after work yesterday when I came home and found The Office all packaged up and ready to go underneath a pile of paper on the kitchen table.

The magic happened this morning when Shutter Island appeared in my mailbox, like it came back to me straight from midtown. It wasn’t back in the queue, and Netflix gave no indication that they had received it. How did it know?

It’s rare that I get scared watching a movie, but I’m already a little afraid of this one…

In other media news, I just watched the latest episode of Glee, and loved how the show placed an opulent school called Dalton in Westerville, OH. Westerville is a lovely town, folks, but there just isn’t a Dalton there. The closest thing is probably The Wellington School in Upper Arlington. But to get the real private school experience, you have to come to the real Dalton and its kin out on the East Coast. The private school culture is something they just don’t have in my hometown.

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