My Friend Mac

I was all set to buy myself my first-ever, brand new computer this summer. I was pretty excited about it too, having lived the past decade on hand-me-downs from tech friends and one that I got through work. This time I had the money and my eye on the prize.

And then a bout of fiscal responsibility or common sense got the better of me. Chuck pointed out that the laptop I was prepared to purchase–the oh-so-plain sounding Macbook–had exactly the same specs as the 2-year-old, gently used Macbook Pro he was ready to sell. Would I take the same computer for half the price?

Yes I would.

This was a great solution for the summer, but now the little guy is acting up. The screen sometimes turns funny colors. I once held it at a 45 degree angle and it sounded like a game of plinko was going on inside the motherboard. When I logged in this morning and stared into a screen of pink rectangles instead of my desktop, I knew it was time. We visited the genius bar after work. They found… absolutely nothing. Which, they said, is lucky because from the symptoms I was describing, I’d likely need a brand-new screen. To the tune of over $300.

I will save for another post why that is not an option for me right now. In the meantime, my little guy has been working like a charm ever since we got home from the Mac Dr.

I’m going to treat him well. He’s got to last me through next summer.

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