What’s this all about, anyway?

For my readers who know anything about the Saturn Return, I had mine this year. You may stop reading now.

For those less-familiar with astrological occurrences, the Saturn Return literally refers to the time it takes Saturn to make a single full rotation of the sun. It’s about 29.5 years, and corresponds with periods of great change in life. The first marks your transition into true adulthood, the second into maturity, and the third–for those lucky enough to still be around–is old age. I think #3 is when you get to officially stop giving a shit.

Anyway, if you subscribe to all this, the return is supposed to signify a time of turbulence as you free yourself of illusions and become the person you really are.

I had never heard of the Saturn return until the first 6 months of my 29th year, when I complained to friends that my life felt stuck in a perpetual holding pattern. They told me I was feeling the mystical affects. So what did I do? Worked to shake it out. Confronted some long-buried issues with my longtime partner. Confronted colleagues about my desire to use my skills in new ways. Thought about what I wanted to do for me.

And ever since I hit that 29.5 hump, things have improved. I feel forward motion in aspects of my life that 6 months ago were helplessly stalled. And so, though I haven’t yet found the dream job, or settled on my future home (or even city), I feel comfortable again where I am right now. Happy in this moment. Excited to move into the next one.

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