The on-again, off-again and once again

Is the 3rd time actually the charm?

Yes, I have started this blog 3 times. First there was the website, given to me in summer 2008 as a gift. “Keep writing, keep active” I believe was the thought behind it. I loved the gesture, but found that writing on a site with my name as the URL scared me more than I anticipated.

That was the first time that a key distinction between blogging and publishing clicked for me. In publishing, you have someone’s approval, your words come with a certain validation. Signed, sealed, delivered, they’re yours, but more than likely reflect the input of your editor. In blogging, you risk more than an occasional split infinitive or an unfortunate comma splice. Your ideas are untested. You are responsible for their content and consequences.  I discovered I wasn’t ready to own up to all my thoughts.

So I took a step back, allowed a full year to go by, let the URL expire. Started a new blog with a title I was comfortable with. Drafted an introduction. Realized I didn’t know what to say. What does the world need to know about me? That was five months ago.

Scrolling through the web tonight, I stumbled upon NaBloPoMo and was inspired to re-start this thing. So here I am, with a design/URL/icon I’m comfortable with. And it’s the second day of the month. Which means I’m already late.

I’m going to use December as a basic training, nimble my fingers, sharpen my thoughts, tighten my language and prepare for January. Next month will begin in Puerto Rico and end with my birthday. I’ll want to preserve it.

*Edit* And then I discover it is the first of the month. Nevertheless, with holidays, etc. I am holding out for January. I’m not a girl to just jump into these things…

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